Redesign the brand, Design all the marketing pages and Design the product itself
Website desktop and mobile designs
Light touch branding – logo refining, colour palette and fonts
Product prototype


There was a rough brand in place, in terms of logotype but otherwise not much. We wanted to demonstrate the values of the platform: openness, communication and support.

Design all the marketing pages. This was the pedestal from which the HAIG team would sell the platform to companies. So it needed to be clear in terms of content, strategy and execution. Explaining the product succinctly in an alluring manner.Design the product itself. The team already had an MVP, so we had a basis for structure. Along with redesigning based off the new brand, we were to implement several new pieces of functionality.
UX and brand workshop


We devised a brand look and feel including colours, typography, photographic treatments and illustration. This began with the marketing site but was then employed across the product design as well.



Product design from UX wireframes to full UI design. Ensuring that the process of giving and receiving feedback was as seamless as possible and looked great.

Designing for a mobile first approach, but with equal importance on a desktop user as the HR managers were likely to be desktop based and those receiving were likely to be more mobile focused.

Digital products that people understand

We build digital products and creative campaigns with informed UX and UI impactful design that use the latest digital interface technologies.

Radio Player

An innovate radio app with an intuitive interface for both Android and iOS.

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Regent Street

A brand new digital flagship for Regent Street’s Privilege Card, an employee benefit system delivered to staff up and down London’s West End.

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British Airways

From Complexity to Clarity

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Virtu Underwriting

Underwriting platform for insurance brokers

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